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About QM Power

  • Founded in 2006 and well capitalized by KCK Group today
  • Inventors of greatest advancements in electric motor design in more than 50 years
    • Q-Sync: An innovative AC-AC controller that eliminates the need for AC-DC conversion for electronically commutated motors and variable frequency drives
    • Q-Mag: breakthrough brushless electromagnetic machine with both permanent and electromagnets on the stator with a magnet-free rotor
  • Recognized by US Department of Energy (DoE) as a “High Impact Technology”

Products Launched: Q-Sync for Commercial Refrigeration

Most Efficient Motors in the Industry

  • Innovative Permanent Magnet (PM) Motors which run synchronous to the “Grid frequency” saving 25-45% energy compared to electronically commutated motors (ECMs)
    • Eliminates the power conversion to DC needed for conventional permanent magnet motors (ECMs).
    • Result is a simpler, more reliable motor with increased energy efficiency and power factor than current state of the art ECMs.
  • Launched 6-12 W and 38-50 W motor in 2015 and 2016, respectively for refrigeration display cases and walk-in coolers.
  • Q-Sync 73-85% efficiency with power factor >0.85 (compared to ECMs which are 50-65% efficient and Power factor of 0.45-0.70)
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Using Q-Sync technology instead of Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs) would be the energy equivalent of taking ONE of every TWO motors off the grid. Using Q-Sync technology instead of shaded pole motors would be the equivalent of taking FOUR of every FIVE motors off the grid.

Dr. Bryan Becker, Former ASHRAE Technical Committee Chairman, Refrigeration Applications for Foods and Beverages

Using Q-Sync in HVACR fan applications could reduce source energy consumption by as much as one quad or more [annually], with proportional environmental benefits.

Dr. Bryan Fricke, Former ASHRAE Technical Committee Chairman and R&D Staff member in the Building Equipment Research Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

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Q-Sync Product Pipeline

New: Q-Sync
Technology based AC-AC Drives

Highest Efficiency Fractional HP PM Motor
(Available now for customer evaluation)

  • Market Leading 90% efficiency with multi-speed capability with >0.9 power factor
  • Drop-in for OEMS for a 1+ SEER upgrade

2021 Launch: Available now for OEM evaluation

Highest Efficiency HVAC Compressor

  • Developing Q-Sync multi-speed PM motor for HVAC compressor applications

Open for OEM Partnership

3 phase Q-Sync VFD

  • Developing VFD for Integral HP PM and Induction Motors

Open for OEM Partnership


Q-Sync Graph

Commercial Electric fans
Electric car cutaway

Q-Mag Technology:
Revolutionary Parallel Magnetic Path

Permanent and Electromagnets on stator:

  • 97% Energy efficiency
  • 30% to 50% greater Power Density
  • More efficient motor cooling

Magnet-Free Rotor

  • Easier to Manufacture rotor
  • Speeds > 25,000 rpm
  • Higher Reliability

Target Applications

  • High Power Density applications like Electric Vehicles (EVs)
  • Other High Torque and High-speed applications including Micro-Mobility, Aviation, Medical Devices
  • Opportunity to replace Rare Earth Magnets with Ferrites

Collaborations and Partnerships

  • Partnership with University of North Carolina Charlotte is extending the Q-Sync to VFDs
  • Working with University of Kentucky at Lexington to optimize and develop concept prototype motors for xEVs based on Q-Mag technology
  • Cost share partner of 2019 DoE project on next generation EV Motor
  • QM Power is seeking partners in the electric vehicle, HVAC, aviation, and associated markets

US Department of Energy
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Key Personnel

Joe Flynn
Chief Technical Officer

As CTO and founder of QM Power, Mr. Flynn has over 35 years of experience as an innovator in electrodynamic R&D, program leader, and senior technical consultant for a variety of major corporations, including: Hallmark, Jakel Motors, Boeing, Baker Hughes and Seagate. Mr. Flynn has had primary responsibility for the pre-production development of more than 150 commercial products, representing more than $30 million per year in revenues for the contracting companies.

Mr. Flynn is the inventor of Q-Sync and Q-Mag Technologies. He has designed, developed, and constructed more than 50 devices based on Q-Sync and Q-Mag principles. Mr. Flynn is the inventor on more than 20 patents in the field of electrodynamics, including the patents covering QM Power’s technology.


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