Commercial Refrigeration and HVAC

Commercial Refrigeration and HVAC

QM Power's fan motors can provide much higher efficiency, power factor and reliability at the same cost as Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs). When factoring in efficiency and power factor advantages, using Q-Sync technology instead of a ECMs would be the equivalent of taking ONE of every TWO motors off the grid. Using Q-Sync technology instead of shaded pole motors would be the equivalent of taking FOUR of every FIVE motors off the grid.


Commercial Building Technology Demonstrations

QM Power has teamed with the Department of Energy (DOE), Oak Ridge National Labs and a broad group of market leading OEMs, supermarkets, retrofit contractors and utilities to install and demonstrate over 10,000 higher efficiency fan assemblies in over 50 sites throughout the US.


Case Study and Demo Projects


Vons-Safeway-Albertsons Case Study


Price Chopper Case Study


Department of Energy Project