Introducing Our Newest Motor: The 38-50 Watt (1/15th HP)


Designed for commercial refrigeration walk-in coolers and freezers, the 38-50W motor from QM Power is the most energy-efficient motor on the market.


QM Power’s patented Q-Sync Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor design is the biggest innovation in motor efficiency in over 50 years.


Its breakthrough technology slashes the competition in performance, energy savings, reliability, and warranty.




The Q-Sync motor saves energy by synchronizing itself to the same frequency as any AC power outlet shortly after startup. As a result, it saves annually between $18.67 and $218.47 for every motor replaced.


(Savings depends on motor type being replaced: ECM, PSC or Shaded Pole. Figures calculated based on utility energy costs of $0.1094 per kWh)



QM Power's groundbreaking technology has been recognized as a “High Impact Technology” by the Department of Energy and is quickly gaining adoption and support from utilities, grocers, manufacturers and other end users because it uses 70-80% less electricity than Shaded Pole motors and 20-40% less than ECMs.


Energy savings results were thoroughly validated by leading organizations including the US Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and a Southern California utility. The Oak Ridge report noted: “Using Q-Sync in HVACR fan applications could reduce source energy consumption by as much as one quad or more [annually], with proportional environmental benefits.” (One quad is equivalent to 1% of all energy consumed in the USA!)


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38-50 Watt Specifications

Motor Type: Synchronous - Electronic Start
Recommended For: 38-50 Watt applications
Rear & Front Mounting (Euro Style)
Cord: 14" - Low Temp. (-32° to 55°C)
Plug: Bare Wire or 2 Pin Plug
Use: Evaporator fan motors
High performance fan blades available


UL Approved
115 V/60Hz
1800 rpm, CW
IP 65


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